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Last updated: 05/14/01
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Welcome to Bev on the web! I am your host, Bev D. Blackwood II and I hope you'll find many things of interest to you here. Please be sure to drop me a note before you leave!

Up until recently I worked for Rice University as a senior systems analyst. Rice is a great place to be. I should know, I've been hanging around there for 23 years. I studied Architecture, but graduated with a BA in Art and Art History in 1984. How did I end up as a Systems Analyst? Well, it's a really long story. Suffice it to say I like it there. These days I'm looking for something a bit more creative, something that reflects my artistic background. Feel like hiring me? Check out my resume!

I've really enjoyed becoming a global extrovert. Naturally, I can't resist the chance to drag along all my friends and family. (Not a plug for MCI) (although that is... Which is weird, since I'm a longtime AT&T customer!) I'm very bad about updating the pictures, but there are some real gems hidden among the old and outdated images... you just have to find them!

My interests are quite varied. I used to produce a cable access show about single malt scotch and beer called The Malt Show. Now I spend my time working within Houston's homebrewing community. My home club is The Foam Rangers, but I work on behalf of all area homebrewers. I also write about the east Texas beer scene for the Southwest Brewing News and have been published in Zymurgy. I don't have any children, just two English Toy Spaniels, Macallan and Auchentoshan, who are spoiled beyond belief. They got their names from my interest in single malt scotch, which remains a passion of mine. In addition to my homebrewing, I also have an active interest in commercial beer. The beers of Saint Arnold Brewery, are of particular interest to me, since they're brewed by good friends of mine. Every summer I have a love affair with baseball (the Houston Astros in particular), and ran a fantasy league for 7 years, sadly we haven't played the past two seasons. I also follow Rice University athletics as well. I regularly attend the Houston Grand Opera, and as many events at Rice's Shepherd School of Music as I can. I am awed by the Edythe Bates Old grand organ here at Rice, since that is my favorite type of music. I have a large CD collection, (divided into Pop and Classical categories) which you may browse online. Warning: BIG tables, they have been known to crash browsers!

Several of my interests stem from previous jobs or career paths... I go out of my way to try out new rollercoasters, I still take a strong interest in architecture and am a member in good standing of The Design Patrol. I've loved aviation my whole life and a have a new passion for a related topic, meteorology. My current interest in computers, the Internet and the possibilities of this new "place" naturally stem from my current work in the field, although I've always been something of a techno-nerd. You need look no further than my favorite television programs to know that! I'm also quite firmly in the Apple camp when it comes to OS preferences.

There's not much else to know about me! Some would argue you already know more than you should! This place will change as I change and the world around me changes, so visit whenever you want to see what is new!

I welcome your comments, suggestions or greetings! Feel free to drop me a line anytime!

Thanks for visiting and come again soon!

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